Spam Blocker

The Ultimate Spam Call
and SMS Blocker

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Password Protection

You can protect your app via password protection feature. It will protect your blocklist and preferences.

Unlimited Number of Blocking

No limitation for number of contact in blocklist. You can create large blocklist.

Export History Options

You can export call/sms blocked history for your reference in notepad format.

Blocking by using 6 Methods

Spam Blocker support 6 methods to add contact from in blocklist. Call Logs, Contacts, SMS Logs, Series/Word. Manual Number and Unknown.

Spam Blocker - Call and SMS Blocker Promo.

Spam Blocker is a very easy app to stop spam calls. It has a lot of great features to block call and block sms intelligently. Stop spam text in seconds to get rid of unwanted text messages forever.

Unique Features

spam call and sms blocker android app international voicemail callblocking
What‘s Special

International Call Blocking

Provides capability to block international calls by simply choosing the countries to block calls from.

Voicemail Blocking

The option to block voicemail calls. This option will pick up and hang up the call.

Schedule Blocking

Offers a range of options for users to create their own schedule of activating call blocking.

spam call and sms blocker android app battery level blocking

Battery Level Blocking

It will provide options to select Battery percentage, Block All Calls and Block All SMS. According to the selected preference the call and sms will block.

Caller pop-up

The option for show the user a Caller Pop Up when call comes to user phone with details like Caller number, name, photo and 3 buttons - Add To Blocklist, Add and Block Call, Dismiss pop up.

spam call and sms blocker android app wild card blocking

Wild card Blocking

We have Added a method where user can add Series/Word, in this screen user can add Series with wildcard like *9000, 1900* and any words which will have in sms that sms will be blocked like "offer".

Auto Response SMS

Auto Response is a feature where user can ON/OFF independent for Call block and sms block to send sms to blocked call or sms with some predefined sms message in app.

App Screenshots

Premium Packages

Spam Call/SMS Blocker
  • Call Blocking
  • SMS Blocking
  • Whitelist contact
  • Voicemail Blocking
  • Battery Level blocking
  • Wild Card Blocking
  • Call and SMS Blocking History
Spam Call Blocker
  • Call Blocking
  • Whitelist contact
  • Voicemail Blocking
  • Battery Level blocking
  • Wild Card Blocking
  • Call Blocking History
  • Skins
Spam Call Blocker Pro
  • Zero Ad Policy
  • Schedule Blocking
  • International Call Blocking
  • Password Protection
  • Backup And Restoration
  • Auto Response Capability
  • Export History